mixed media
100 X 80 cm

I started of with the image of Sibiu 1 in the untitled category and used it in an abstract way.
Sibiu 2
oil on canvas
100 X 100 cm

It is fascinating the way sea-scape can  change in seconds in front of your eyes.The light and movement is forever changing and these subtle fleeting moments of the in between space is what i tried to capture in my work by over layering the paint.
oil on canvas
100 X 76
This image shows the same person going through the labyrinth of life day by day.The different levels of perspective are underlined with the movement of the person
day by day
oil on canvas
100 X 80 cm
one man show
oil on canvas
60 X 46 cm

the idea of this painting came from the stark images of refugees arriving in their hundreds into Europe on a nearly daily bases. Not all survive and are soon forgotten by us. People faced with this tragedy often despair
oil on canvas
80 X 30 cm
first sun rays in spring
acrylic on paper
50 X 40 cm
oil on wood
120 X 100
oil on metal
114 X 74 cm
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